Caloundra Private Day Hospital
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Your Rights and Responsibilities

Patient safety is at the forefront of Ramsay Health Care's commitment to quality health care. We encourage you to be aware of your rights, so we can work together to ensure you are informed, confident and safe in our care.

Take a moment to refer to the following resources:

The Australian Charter of Healthcare Rights outlines your right to access, safety, respect, partnership, information, privacy and feedback.

The Private Patients Hospital Charter lists your rights and responsibilities as a private patient in a private or public hospital. 

My Healthcare Rights: A guide for people with cognitive impairment includes resources for patients, carers, families and support people. 


Top Tips for Safe Health Care contains useful information for when you talk to your doctor and other healthcare staff like nurses and allied health.

Expectations on entry outlines your responsibilities as a patient or visitor at Ramsay Health Care facilities across Australia.

Basic information and translated resources are available for patients and carers to better understand their clinical care.

We take your privacy seriously. View our policy to learn about how we store your information.

The Ramsay Rule

The Ramsay Rule is a system that enables patients or their family to raise concerns about worrying changes in a patient's clinical condition. We understand you know yourself or the person you care for best, so we have a system in place for you to elevate your concerns. Firstly, speak directly with your nurse or doctor, then if you remain concerned please request to activate The Ramsay Rule.

How to activate The Ramsay Rule

Complaints and Concerns

If during your stay, you or your family have concerns about any aspect of your care, please contact the Nurse Unit Manager or the Director of Clinical Services in the first instance.

You may wish to share your concerns with us after you leave hospital. Please visit our contact us page to get in touch with us.